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If you were arrested and the charges were dismissed before trial, you may be eligible for an expungement. To qualify for expungement, in addition to the charges being dismissed, you must also have no other convictions on your record and no other Florida cases expunged or sealed. If the court withheld adjudication of your arrest or you were acquitted at trial, depending on your offense, you might qualify for record sealing.

Arrests for certain convictions may not be sealed. You also cannot have any convictions on your record or have had any other Florida cases expunged or sealed in your lifetime. If you are on probation you may be able to have your probation terminated early under Florida Statute Section You may petition the court to discharge you from further supervision.

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In order to terminate your probation early the court must find that by doing so it will be for the best interest of justice and the welfare of society. It is also important to pay all your restitutions and fines, and to complete any court order program if you want better chances of having the court grant your petition to terminate your probation early. If you have a felony conviction in Florida your ability to purchase or possess a firearm has been taken away. However, the law in Florida will allow you to restore your firearm rights if certain conditions are met.

There is an eight-year waiting period from the date you completed your sentence before you can petition to restore your gun rights. Furthermore you must make sure you pay any restitution or fines that you have outstanding.

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  5. There are three ways your juvenile case can be expunged. The first way involves automatic expunction by the court. You must petition the court within six months of completing the program. The simplest way to get started is by filling out our eligibility evaluation. This will allow you to see what your options may be.

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    How to Seal or Expunge Florida Criminal Record - Sealing and Expungement Process in Florida

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    Arrested in Florida and think your record is clean? Think again.

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    Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors. Palm Beach FL Once your arrest is expunged, you can in most instances state under oath that you were not charged with a crime.

    How to Expunge Your Criminal Record

    Two separate statutes govern record sealing and expungement. Both rules state that you do not qualify if you have previously been adjudicated guilty of a crime.

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    These rules apply to criminal records of adults. Rules for juvenile arrests are different, and generally more lenient. Not every arrest or conviction is expungeable. It is a good idea to request that your record be sealed sooner rather than later, to prevent your records from being seen by banks, lenders, employers, admissions offices and others. Our lawyers have helped many individuals and families feel more secure about the consequences of a single bad day.

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