How to find open casting calls

Well, it ain't that easy. Most of those headshots end up in the garbage. Because everyone else mailed him a headshot too. So what should you do instead? Get out there and make a name for yourself. You can get into almost any audition even without representation. Then, when the time is right, they'll come find you.


Open casting calls are the answer. The more often you get in front of casting directors, the more likely that they'll remember you, even know your name. They should remember, it's their job! Be persistent and you'll be landing acting jobs in no time. Share this with another actor We would love to hear from you! Send an email to aceyouraudition gmail. Visit our page on Facebook. Give us a shout on Twitter: aceyouraudition.

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Are you a producer or director? Seeking talent for your next project? Post your casting notice on Ace Your Audition. Simply send an email to aceyouraudition gmail. If approved, you may expect your casting notice to be displayed within 72 hours. You will receive email notification with a link. Feel free to post your casting call on our Facebook page as well.

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So attend every open casting call you can. Shooting in Los Angeles and Oklahoma.

Open Casting Call for Two Productions

Currently casting lead and supporting roles. Reality TV show seeks participants who are seeking answers to life's deepest questions. Those willing to study the Bible and share their story with the world. Seeking seekers, the non-religious and those with little to no Biblical knowledge or background. Those who are curious, inquisitive, open to learning and willing to explore what the Bible can teach them. We are also seeking those who may question God, eternal life, etc, and those who may have "religious baggage" or "issues" yet are open to Biblical answers and finding resolution.

Filming will take place mostly in Brevard County, Florida possibly at the residences of participants and other locations related to the participants. Please, make a minute video of yourself sharing why you would like to be considered for the program and why you think you would be a good fit.

Please, email the video link to Soul Saver and please, share this audition notice with everyone you know. Thank you! Trailer for horror web series "Oblivion" to be used in crowdfunding campaign to fund pilot episode. In the late 's, Thomas a gold miner, struggles with his own personal demons, as he inadvertently unearths other worldly creatures that feed on his negativity.

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Meanwhile, in the present, a group of teens encounter these same creatures in the abandoned mine, and unknowingly bring them home with them. Warrior Princess, like Wonder Woman. Athletic, tall is good but will look at all candidates. To be used as a parody of these famous people. Sacramento Casting. Project: WHAM! Do you look like George Michael or Andrew Ridgeley? Job: Short Film. More Info. Job: Film. Project: Mini Documentary Stockton. Supporting characters for broll Young teens 5 available. Tia of Girlfriend.

Luis' father. Angry landlord. Neighborhood kids. Project: The View From Here. There will be a series of mini-vingettes documenting patient, family and clinician encounters. Job: Web. Susan Joe's wife. Chris June's husband. Project: A superhero love story. There are 6 stories in Phase 1 featuring these characters. In like manner, we will be filming 6 stories the first of which will kick off our cinematic universe. Obviously the screen time varies per story with each story building up to an endgame.

No pun intended? The first is a love story, the second is an action piece etc. The main talent characters will feature in the other 6 stories. In that sense it is a series of films and stories about young superheroes. No capes, costumes or silly slapstick comedy but real people with real powers trying to figure life out while running into problems and making enemies. We will be filming from a story outline rather than a traditional script so that the actors have room to develop their characters dialogue during preproduction.

Filming will be in Houston and maybe Dallas and Austin. Dates TBD. Meet Stephen a 23yr old medical student whose past is catching up to him. Meet Hailey a 23yr old medical student who can control time and gravity. Project: Holiday Revue. Ages teens through adults teens will need to have signed parental consent.

Job: Stage.

How to Hold an Open Casting Call

Project: The Book of Revelation: Episode 2. Base from Chapter 4 thru Chapter 7. The Father.

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Background Extras. Interested candidates should submit their profile ASAP. Job: TV. Project: Whirlpool - Funeral Shoot. Funeral Attendee. Project: Family Caregiving Industrial. Hung Nguyen.

TV Auditions | Casting Calls for TV Shows, Commercials & More | Backstage

Jeff Nguyen. Don't be shy but be careful you don't appear as too arrogant or odd. Make sure you look professional and unique. First impressions are key in the film and theater industry. Get a meeting with an agent. Once you've made a contact and you get to know an agent, it is best to set up a formal meeting. Show up prepared to discuss your experiences and interests. Your job now is to convince the agent that you are worth their valuable time. You have to let your work show. Don't show up at a meeting expecting an agent to pluck you out of obscurity if you don't have the experience to back it up.

Hire an agent or manager. An agent or manager will help find auditions or castings for you.

Hiring an agent or manager doesn't mean you are guaranteed to get work. Always read contracts with agents and managers before you sign them.