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If the original reference refers the researcher to another reference, the researcher will attempt outreach two more times over two days.

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The status of this screening on the report will either be Clear or Consider. Any additional information will be included in the notes. Checkr Help Center Customers Screening Types Articles in this section What is the difference between national, federal, state, and county checks?

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Which checks are included in my background check package? Why was the prior employer left off the resume? Perhaps a call to the prior employer is a good idea?

Our investigators are trained to spot inconsistencies that can lead to additional verification of the resume details. A Professional Reference differs from a Personal Reference in that it usually involves contact with someone the candidate worked with, instead of a friend or relative. A Professional Reference also differs from employment verification in that when an employer is verified, the HR Department is contacted. A professional reference can extend beyond the HR Department and could be a colleague, supervisor or past co-worker from previous employers.

This reference is provided by the applicant and gives insight into their strengths and weaknesses, working habits, ability to collaborate on team projects, previous responsibilities, capabilities and accomplishments.

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It is a realistic assessment of the candidate in the workplace. Professional references are the most helpful reference in looking into how a candidate will work with your company, since the information gathered comes directly from a previous co-worker. An Academic Reference is usually a past teacher, professor, coach, volunteer leader or mentor, and can help you gain an understanding into their work habits, dedication and overall responsibility of the candidate from their previous academic history.

Academic references can be especially useful. An education verification verified only institution attended, type of degree earned or dates attended if no degree was earned and major.

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Academic Reference can detail specific qualifications your organization may want or require along with how they handle challenges, particulars about their organizational skills and communication skills. This type of reference is also helpful if the candidate has little employment history or is just out of school.

Comprehensive solutions. Whether a standard hourly pre-employment screen, social security traces, drug tests or civil litigation checks. The hiring process can be incredibly precarious. This unfortunate statistic will make it difficult for anyone to discern the top talent from a mediocre job seeker. Enter the reference check.

This simple action which is so often taken for granted, even misunderstood and advocated against, is actually the golden ticket to better hiring practices. Not only that but performing a thorough reference check may contribute to a higher people retention rate, and ultimately a higher ROI for your business. As the leader in web-based talent decision tools, Checkster enables organizations to make better talent decisions.

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Reference Check vs Employment Verification. But that is a big misconception. What is a reference check? How is a reference check done? A simple question like this one can collect a wealth of information: How well did the candidate communicate or collaborate with the rest of the team?

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Check References Early and Often An outdated practice still common in many organizations, is the method of checking references at the end of the hiring process. Reference Checks: Going Digital The phone reference check is a thing of the past.

What is employment verification? How is employment verification done? Reference check or employment verification? Here is a brief list of the items we recommend you standardize: Reference Interview Questions Questions that can be asked of all references that will reveal valuable information about candidates. Criteria for References Criteria for acceptable, unacceptable, phenomenal, underwhelming, etc. Vetting Process How the credibility and integrity of references are verified.

Time Per-Reference The amount of time that should be devoted to each reference check.

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