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A tax policy confusion: Where do short-term rental properties fit?

Hennepin County Appeal Process. Hennepin County Property Information Search. Email updates. Clerk Offices in Todd County MN maintain public records for a county or local government, including records related to property taxes and tax auctions.

In a tax auction, the government sells property with unpaid property taxes that is under a tax lien or in the foreclosure process. Clerk Offices have records on property tax payments, unpaid property taxes, property assessments, parcel numbers, and tax sales.

Todd County Tax Auctions

Clerk Offices may also provide parcel searches or property maps to look up properties listed in a Todd County tax auction, as part of their records on foreclosures and property tax auctions. This Todd County tax auction information is often available on the Clerk Office website. Sheriff Departments in Todd County MN are law enforcement agencies that conduct investigations, stop crimes, and enforce tax rulings, including tax liens and foreclosures.