Is dui court supervision on illinois public driving record

Drunk Driving Under Twenty One

If you are arrested for driving under the influence in Schaumburg, it is important to obtain the best Schaumburg DUI attorney right away. They can help you navigate the legal system and do everything possible to lessen your sentence. For example:. If the state of Illinois is not ready for the hearing within 30 days, an attorney can request a Court Order Rescinding the Suspension. A competent Schaumburg DUI attorney will review all evidence in the case.

If the BAC exceeded. Court Supervision is not a conviction as defined by the Illinois Criminal Code.

Court Supervision in Illinois DUI

If you receive a sentence of Court Supervision, it does not go on your public criminal record of conviction and you may honestly answer on a job application or inquiry that you have not been convicted of a misdemeanor. If the out-of-state DUI offense results in your one and only conviction, you will be revoked for one year.

If the out-of-state conviction is one of two DUI offenses that appear on your Illinois record, you will be revoked for 5 years. If the out-of state conviction is one of three DUI offenses on your Illinois record, you will be revoked for 10 years. This leads to harsh results. Years ago, the law did not treat DUI seriously and there was no four-conviction rule. Yet the old DUI counts against you forever, even though you received it before the four-conviction rule applied.

You have now, years later, been convicted of a fourth DUI from an arrest that occurred after January 1, and been informed that you can never drive again, not even for work. This new requirement, driven by Federal law, can affect both Illinois and out-of-state residents. Because of PDPS, the days of jumping from state to state in order to avoid DUI revocations is over, and many drivers are finding their pasts catching up to them.

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While on rare occasions the national registry misses DUI offenses, for the most part, it picks them up, even very old ones. Even if the DUI itself was dropped, or was never charged, the arrest will show up if you were offered the breath test but refused to take it, or took the breath test and registered above the legal limit for that state.

DUI Court Supervision Illinois | Illinois DUI Attorney

Some states purge remove DUI arrests from their own records. Illinois does not. However, despite being removed from the official driving record, the DUI is nonetheless likely to appear on the national registry.

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